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Mr.Prasada Pyala is originally from Farmer’s family with no financial back ground, but his parents motivated him towards education and his hard work transformed his life.He received his basic education in the village and subsequently he completed his B-Tech from Baptala Engineering college, Nagarjuna University. Right from his schooling he helped many people in various areas by knowledge sharing, while he was perusing his career in Bangalore he helped many for upgrading their skill set and help to get jobs. After Prasada Pyala moved to USA and achieved top positions in various big companies like SAP, he wanted to take his childhood initiates to the next level by paying back to the country and the people, this lead him to start Paila Foundation with pure motives of helping needy people. Married Sridevi Pyala from Deverapalli, Madugula constituency, where she is from strong political background, during his frequent visits to in-laws place, interacted and learned from relatives, local people and political leaders and came to know that there is need of rural education and upliftment of youth employment. Later many people from where he started his philantrafic activities requested him get into politics where he can help many than an individual foundation activities.

Empowerment of Youth

Prasada always believe that rural Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.

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www.pprasadarao.com website launching.
Press meet
Pathavalasa Village adopted by Pyala Prasada

Pyala Prasada visit to Lammasingi village

Pyala Prasada Rao meeting with Nara Lokesh at San Francisco - USA

Prasad gaaru participation in Madugula Modakondamma Festival Ceremony

24-3-2014, AP Journalist Forum - The Leader - Meet the People ,Pyala Prasada participation.

14-3-2014, Pyala Prasada visit to Tenugupudi Teertham and participation in village festival

Pyala Prasada visit to Chukkapalli Teertham and met youth cadre of TDP

12-3-2014, Pyala Prasada-s mobilization of TDP party cadre for Prajagarjana.

11-03-2014, Pyala Prasada visited Aarli Teertham, Annasamardhana at Madugula Anjeya swamy temple,Veeranarayana teertham.

10-3-2014, Pyala Prasada visit to Medhacharla and Kotapenta village

09-03-2014, Pyala Prasada visited local temple opening and local leader function.

07-03-2014 , Pyala Prasada visited TDP cadre family members marriages in constituency.

05-03-2014 Pyala Prasada visit to Gompavani palem village

04-03-2014 Pyala Prasada visit to KM Palem village Teertham

04-03-2014, Visit to K.Kotapadu Temple

03-03-2014, Leaders from Vommilli Kata village met Pyala Prasada

Pyala Prasada visit to Kintada Panchayat- Annasantarpana

Pyala Prasada visit to Cheedipalli village, met local leaders and heard their problems.

Pyala visit to Tunivalasa village

24-02-2014, Pyala Prasada visit to L.Kotapalli village, Jalempalli Panchayats

24-02-2014, Pyala Prasada visit to Chowuduvada village

23-02-2014, Pyala Prasada-s bike rally in Madugula Mandal.

21-02-2014, Pyala Prasada conduct press meet at Prasada camp office in Madugula

Prasada Pyala visit to Tangudibilli village teertham

Youth from L.Kottapalli village , Jallempalli panchayat visited Prasada.

Pyala Prasada Rao opens his TDP camp office in Madugula

Prasada visit to Chukkapally Teertham

14-02-2014 , Visit Yerakanna Palem village Teertham

Prasada visit to Chodavaram Teertham

Pyala Prasada facilitating Shri.Jurireddy Ramu winner of DCCB President -K.Kotapadu

Mr.Prasada met Sri Nara Lokesh on 05-02-2014

Mr.Prasada met people from Madugula constituency...

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TDP Pracharratham in Madugula constituency

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